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Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Richland Rum Cocktail

     Looking for another nice simple aft deck cocktail for the evening.  Beautiful evening and I think that this idea I worked out yesterday will work for tonight.  It has a touch of sweetness and a nice dry finish with the subtle notes of the bitters and the rum lingering on the long finish.

Richland Rum Cocktail

  • 2 oz. Richland Rum
  • 2 Dashes of Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters
  • 1 tsp Agave Nectar
Place all of the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice and shake until chilled.  Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a cocktail cherry.

Friday, February 5, 2016

A Brief History of the Cocktail Cherry

     Today we cant seem to make a cocktail without putting "a cherry on top".  This is a tradition that started according to historians in the 1860's.    By the end of the century, it seems that the barmen were looking for something new, and the olive moved in.

     "Cherries were common from the 1860s to 1899 when olives replaced them.  According to an article from June 22, 1899, in The Racine Daily Journal, "In some of the swell uptown establishments the cocktail olive is getting in its work and bids fair to supplant the toothsome cherry with the public."

     So it's no wonder that good cherries were hard to find for decades. Modern American tipplers didn't rediscover Luxardo's garnish until 2004, when famed bartender Audrey Saunders received four jars of them to use in her legendary New York watering hole Pegu Club. Bartenders never looked back. If you planned to serve a cherry garnish anywhere in the five boroughs from then on, it had better have been a very good one.

     Maraschino liqueur, Luxardo's other signature product, has been around even longer, debuting in 1821-the year when Girolamo Luxardo and his wife, Maria, started the company. (The couple had moved to Zara a few years earlier from Genoa.) Zara was known for sour marasca cherry-based rosolio maraschino liqueur, but the Luxardo family came up with its own recipe and packed the concoction in a distinctive straw-covered bottle.

     This is the key ingredient that makes the El Floridita and the Papa Dobles Daiquiri's their special flavor.   It is a great addition to several other cocktails as well as a greaat ingredient for giving your new development recipes a little bit of a special flavor.   "The Luxardo brand is the gold standard here and always has been," wrote David Wondrich in his 2007 award-winning book Imbibe!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Think You Got it All? How About a "New Mixologists Box"

“Fashion design company Ralph Lauren has launched a limited edition ‘mixologist box’, complete with an embossed crocodile leather mixology book, priced US$4,995.”

Here is the rest of the story on this very unique gift or something for your place.
Designed as a “compact desktop bar”, the Ralph Lauren Vanderbilt Mixologist Box is made up of three compartments and a drawer containing a range of bar accessories designed by Ralph Lauren Home.
The box, which is made from rosewood, features a 24% crystal ice bucket, a custom made Laguiole corkscrew, a silver-plated cocktail shaker, a Boston strainer, cocktail picks, holder, ice tongs, bar spoon, jigger, a cocktail knife, a Maple muddler and a hickory wood cutting board.
Just 100 are available, each featuring a numbered hand-polished nickel plaque with ‘Ralph Lauren Limited Edition’ engraved on it.
Demand for luxury cocktail hampers seems to be on the rise. Last year, Rolls-Royce launched a limited edition bespoke cocktail hamper worth more than a BMW 3 Series.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

No Name Pub “A Nice Place if You Can Find It”

     Wednesday Marta and I were looking for something different to do, the seas were still too rough to head out in the "camper", so we jumped into the car and headed up to Big Pine Key.   at the traffic light we headed to the north and after winding around the city streets for a few miles we ended up on No Name Key.  With a little more effort, we located the "No Name Pub.   
     This is a very colorful place filled with a very colorful history not to mention their food is absolutely wonderful.  It is a beer and wine place that has such an  eclectic feel to it and nothing but a fun place to just be.
     The history of the No Name Pub goes back to 1931 when we were a general store and bait and tackle shop. We remained that way until 1936 when the owners added a small room on to the main structure which became a restaurant and the Pub was born.   Our early customers included people from all walks of life, world travelers that arrived from the mainland via ferry and of course, the local Fisherman. The late 1930s brought an interesting twist to No Name Pub history. In an effort to increase business, the upstairs storage room was converted into a Brothel. While popular with many, the venture failed after several years as the fisherman were reported to be better looking than the ladies.

     The 1940's saw the end of the Brothel and beginning of a real Keys landmark. Travelers (we had few tourists back then) and locals alike began to discover this quirky out of the way place. The ladies would do their shopping in the general store as the men would browse the bait and tackle shop, then kick back and have a beer and sandwich in our eatery.
     By the mid 1950s, the general store and bait and tackle shop closed and the Pub became 100% bar and restaurant. No Name was added to the Pub name and we became the No Name Pub … and we quickly became a Keys hangout.
     Our honky tonk atmosphere of beer drinking, shooting pool and great food became known from Miami to Key West . Crowds often grew so large that the interior would get so full of smoke and crowded, that customers would spill out into the backyard where dice, crap and card games would eventually break out.  The old timers say the place never got raided because the Sheriff ran the dice games.
     1960 brought about another addition for the better to the Pub.  It was during this era that our famous pizza was born. Two great cooks from Italy brought their recipe with them when they worked here.  "Over 50 years later, we still use the same great recipe. When the cooks left they wrote the recipe on the kitchen wall so we would never forget."
     The 1970’s and 80’s became a rowdy time of our history.  Jimmy Buffett’s “Why don’t we get drunk and screw” played on the juke box while people would drink, eat and dance to excess in the Pub.   There was a lot of illegal money passing through the Keys back then and everyone loved to spend it.    They had so much money in fact they started hanging it on our walls; and another tradition was born.

     As the new millennium arrived the rowdies grew up and the No Name Pub became a place once again where people from all walks of life could enjoy great food, cold beer and good conversation. Our juke box is gone and the walls are covered with a few more dollar bills and we are one of the last great places with that old Florida Keys atmosphere. “A nice place if you can find it.”
     If you are willing to venture off US 1 and risk the chance of getting lost, you will have a really time and a great meal including some of the best pizza anywhere.

The Black Barrel Cocktail

     Here I am again on the aft deck in the mood for a new evening cocktail.  I'm in the mood for good rum, Mount Gay Black Barrel I see on the shelf and maybe some of that Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao will blend nicely.  It needs a little something more, Fee Brothers have a great selection of bitters, an I think that this cocktail is calling for a little orange flavored bitters.

     This has made my evening really complete and I'll enjoy mine while you get yours and we can raise our glasses to a wonderful evening.  

Black Barrel Cocktail

  • 1 1/2 oz. Mount Gay Black Barrel
  • 1 oz. Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao
  • 1 Dash of Fee Brothers Lemon Bitters
Placer all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice.  Shake until Chilled and strain into an old fashion glass filled with fresh ice.   Garnish with an orange zest.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bahama Bob's Top Rum Picks

     I'm very often asked what is my favorite rum?   I usually respond with something like I really don't have one, that's because I have a list that are really my favorites.   There are so many rums out there that are really incredible that it is really impossible to choose.

     What I have done is went through in my mind, if I had to head into a fall out shelter what rums would I absolutely have to have?   This is my 50 Rums List
in alphabetical order and doesn't reflect which ones are better in my mind than the others.   I am including a few white and flavored rums as well, because I like cocktails as well as just sipping rum.

Afrohead Premium Aged Rum
Angostura No. 1 (Original and New Expressions)
Angostura 1919
Appleton Rare Blend
Bacardi Ron Solera
Blackwell Jamaican Rum
Brinley’s Gold Coffee Rum
Brugal Extra Dry
Cockspur 12 Year (V.S.O.R.)
Diplomatico 2000 Single Vintage
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
Don Poncho Origenes 18 Year Old
Don Q Gran Anejo
Doorly’s  XO
El Dorado 12 Year Old
El Dorado Rum Cream
Flor de Cana 18 Year Old
Gosling Black Seal
Kirk & Sweeney 18 Year Old
Kirk & Sweeney 23 Year Old
Koloa Dark
Mocambo 20 Year Old
Matusalem Platino 
Mount Gay Black Barrel
Mount Gay XO
Pampero Aniversario
Pilar Dark
Plantation Trinidad Vintage 2000
Plantation Pineapple (Stiggin’s Fancy)
Plantation Grande Reserve Barbados 5 Year
Plantation Trinidad Overproof
Pusser’s Navy Rum
Rhum Barbancourt 15 Year
Real McCoy 12 Year Old
Ron Abuelo Centuria
Ron Abuelo 7 Year Old
Ron Barcelo Gran Anejo
Ron Botran Solera 1893
Ron Cartavio XO
Ron Centenario 12 Year Old
Santa Teresa 1796 Ron Solera
Selveray Cocoa
Seven Fathoms
Siesta Key Beer Barrel Age Rum
Siesta Key Distiller’s Reserve
Siesta Key Toasted Coconut
Smith & Cross Navel Strength Rum
Wray & Nephew Overproof
Zafra Master Blend 21 Year Old
Zaya Grand Reserva

      This is my list, but I feel like I can live with this list and enjoy the party forever.  ;o)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Remembering the Boca Chica Lounge

Boca Chica Lounge in the 1980's
     Through out the seventies and the eighties when the bars closed down in Key West, the late night workers crossed the Cow Key Channel Bridge and about 3 in the morning they started the party at the "Boca Chica Lounge".   This was a no hold barred heavy drinkin', partyin' and fightin' bar much like the ones that were brought to light in the movie Road House.  Complete with the chain link fence protecting the bar.  Here are some of the memories from friends that lived here during the bars hay days.

      For the 35-year-old Rick Berard whose family has owned the Boca Chica for more than 25 years, in the early morning hours was a haven for people who work in other clubs.  When Key West bars close at 4 a.m., the Boca Chica Lounge would fill up with bartenders, waiters and waitresses, motel desk clerks and cab drivers. The drinks are cheap. The disc jockey rocks out from midnight to 7 a.m. and the chain-link fence on the wall and the bunk bed on the dance floor sparkle in the flashing lights.
Chicken Wire around the Band in Road House
      Former Sheriff  Rick Ramsay was the lone road deputy for the Lower Keys that night, Phelps said, and was dispatched to subdue a "300-pound man" who had busted up the place fighting.  Once there, Ramsay purportedly tricked the man into handcuffing himself, according to Phelps' tale.  "We used to say that you never worked a shift on the road until you rolled in the mud and the blood at the Boca Chica Lounge," former Sheriff Bob Peryam said. "We were always the least-armed people when we went there."   The bar in its heyday, the 1980's when drug smuggling peaked in the Keys was frequented by shrimpers, smugglers, thieves and drug dealers, according to Peryam. Its nickname was the "knife and gun club, It was the roughest bar I've ever seen, let alone been in, It was one of our busiest places. It is iconic, but not in a good way."
     My friend Jill remembers the place well, "Oh ya! The first time I walked in I took all my gold off.   The bar was behind a chain link fence and some one thru a bottle at it.    Wicked smokey.   “Was called the knife and gun club, if you didn't have one, rumor had it, just ask at the door”.  It was crazy and opened 24 hrs."   
This is the place today all 3,000 Square Feet of it complete with the sign
     “While no records were found specifying when the Boca Chica Lounge went out of business, anecdotal accounts put its demise about the time the new law was in effect, said DeFoor, who added that the lounge's owner bitterly fought it.”   
     When Key West bars closed at 4 a.m., the Boca Chica Lounge began to fill up.  The drinks were cheap and the disc jockey rocks out from midnight to 7 a.m, a chain-link fence on the wall and a bunk bed on the dance floor sparkle in the flashing lights.   Like so many other legendary watering holes in the keys, the Boca Chica Lounge was one of the most notorious anywhere.   This place was truly a place for the people of the night, and perfect for those who made a living in Key West's service industry, giving them a place to go after work.  Just a few hundred yards from the past the Cow Key Channel Bridge, the old place still stands and is for sale today, complete with the distinctive sign still standing.   
     You can still by the way find a t-shirts with the old sign on the chest at