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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mini Season Ugh!!!

    At 12:00 am this morning started what for most of the locals here in Florida one of the most dreaded events of the year.  Lobster Mini Season, two days of lobster harvest by some of the rudest and people I've ever seen.  There are constant arguments between people that think they own the ocean, and just plain undesirable people that participate.

    The other problem is enforcement of limits six per person per day and no more that twelve in your possession at the end of tomorrow.   People are shuttling lobsters back to their houses and other places to prevent getting caught with too many on the boat.  Their family members that never even see the water are buying licenses to allow the harvesting of more and more lobsters.

     This event has such a negative impact on the tourist industry, because no person in their right mind will be on the water during this mass stupidity.  The manage to kill off several participants every year and the "sea territory" battles rage for the entire event.  The cost of law enforcement for these few days far out costs the small amount gotten from the sale of licenses.

     I feel that the island and the tourist industry would be aided if this mess were dropped and replaced with nothing.  We are better off drawing our regular share of tourists that spend their money on the island instead of raping our waters and leaving their trash everywhere.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Is This The Secret to Not Getting Drunk While Drinking?

   I ran across these articles a few months back in Time and Esquire Magazines and though you might find it very interesting.  I'm always looking for ways to enjoy the flavors of my rums and be able to function in a somewhat normal manner.  This does make sense to me and it just might work for you.
The man behind Samuel Adams beer claims that ingesting dry yeast before knocking back a few cold ones can help keep you from overdoing it
Looking for ways to drink to excess without getting drunk may seem like a waste of time and money, but if your job requires lots of professional mingling over a good brew, you might want to listen to Jim Koch.
During an interview with Esquire, the billionaire Boston Beer Company co-founder and chairman revealed his secret for drinking all night without ever getting drunk: yeast.
Koch says he mixes Fleischmann’s dry yeast into yogurt to snack on before long periods of drinking, adding in one teaspoon of yeast per beer. Koch says he got the idea from friend and beer fan Joseph “Dr. Joe” Owades, who had a PhD in biochemistry and worked at the Fleischmann’s fermentation lab.
Yeast contains an enzyme, alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH), that breaks apart alcohol molecules in a similar way to how livers metabolize alcohol, Esquire reports. If the yeast is in your stomach when you start drinking, goes Koch’s theory, the ADH will begin to break down the alcohol before it gets into your system.
But the master brewer cautioned that his trick was no magic cure-all for inebriation. “It will mitigate — not eliminate — but mitigate the effects of alcohol!” Koch told Esquire.
There are already skeptics of Koch’s claim, who call the solution scientifically implausible and say there is only a short window of time for the ADH to work in this way, but Esquire’s reporter claimed the trick worked just fine.
“The older I get, the more of a lightweight I surely become, but after shoveling down six teaspoons and tilting back six bottles I felt nothing more than a little buzzed,” Aaron Goldfarb wrote. “Though I had no tangible ‘proof,’ besides the fact I was still awake, I was pretty sure I wasn’t all that drunk either.”
So does it work? There’s only one way to find out — but remember to yeast (and drink) responsibly.

You can read the entire article from Esquire at
You can read the Time article at
     Both of these article are very interesting, but as the say it is not a cure all for drinking too much, but rather a method of allowing you to reduce the effect of the alcohol during long evenings of socializing. 
     I have not tried this yet, but I did find a paper on the subject at
     I don't believe it is something that will prevent you from becoming drunk, but it might slow the process a bit.  Note the article says "Beer" not 80 proof spirits.  ;o)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hot Hot Hot, Time for a Great Frozen Cocktail

     The weather down here in the Keys has reached the 90's and that means the frozen cocktails are flying out of the Rum Bar these days.   One of my favorites is the Virgin Island Bushwhacker, a very unique cocktail that has it's origins on St. Thomas.

     I have taken some liberties with the original and made it into a rum cocktail with just a bit of help from a couple of liqueurs.  I hope you enjoy this one, it is really good.

2005 Pool Bar at Sapphire Beach Resort just outside of red hook
Bahama Bob’s Bushwhacker Recipe

·         1/2 oz. El Dorado Dark Rum
·         1/2 oz. Brinly's Gold Vanilla Rum
·         1/2 oz. Ron Llave White Rum
·         1 oz. Brinly's Gold Coffee Rum
·         1/2 oz. El Dorado Rum Cream
·         1/2 oz. Amaretto
·         1/2 oz. Marie Brizzard's  Chocolat Royale
·         1 oz. Cream of Coconut
·         1/2 oz. Half and Half 

Blend all ingredients with ice until smooth. Pour into a pint glass that has been swirled with chocolate syrup.  Garnish with fresh ground nutmeg, an orange wheel and a cherry.  If you are looking for a real kick from this one, float it with Plantation Overproof Rum.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunset and a Thunderstorm

     The Keys never cease to amaze me with the beauty of the sunsets and the contrasting thunderstorms.     The other night the sunset shown bright against the approaching thunderstorm in the marina and gave an almost eerie effect to the sailboats at mooring.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rank Wildcat Spirits Introduces Sweet Crude Rum

David Meaux and Cole LeBlanc
     “Wildcatting” is an oilfield term that relates to a “Hail Mary “ in football in that it is a real long shot.   In the oilfields, sometimes it becomes a “Rank Wildcat” if it is an even longer shot of happening.          Cole LeBlanc and David Meaux , two landmen opening a rum distillery is a “Rank Wildcat” if there ever was one.

     Arcadiana, Louisiana grows a huge amount of sugar cane, more than many Caribbean nations, but there was no rum distillery.  Cole and David set out to remedy this problem and founded Rank Wildcat Spirits.    They tackled the application for federal, state and parish licenses and permits aggressively and finally in February of 2012 they became only the second fully licensed distillery in Louisiana since Prohibition.

Hand-crafted Still "Lulu"
     The spirits are distilled in their handmade stainless steel and copper still “Lulu”.  “The rum is made from Arcadian sugar cane and premium molasses.   “Arcadiana sugar cane is what makes Sweet Crude special and that is the only flavor we want to channel.”

     Initially Sweet Crude has an aroma not unlike that of an “agricole”.  The grassiness is very apparent indicating it origin of pure cane syrup.   There is a natural sweetness on the lips and clean and smooth flavor as it passes across the palate.  The finish is subtle and lingers leaving a unique flavors of the high grade sugar cane and molasses used in the process.

     This will mix well in a wide variety of cocktails like daiquiri, mojito, or even a Mai Tai.  I like the flavor that it adds to the mix.   Unfortunately you can only get Sweet Crude Rum in Louisiana at this time, but hopefully in the near future it will be available in other places.   There is talk of an aged version coming out in the future that will be called "Black Gold Cane-Cured Rum"

Friday, July 25, 2014

Flor de Cana Introduces Blanco Reserva 7, White Sipping Rum

     Flor de Cana Blanco Reserva 7 is their  first super-premium white sipping rum.

     Aged for seven years, this new expression features the same packaging redesign introduced by the family-owned brand last summer for its sister “Gran Reserva 7 “ year old rum.

     “Flor de Caña’s new Blanco Reserva 7 will expand our consumer base by offering a super-premium white rum that provides a richer drinking experience,” said Robert Collins, managing director of Flor de Caña.

     “The newest member of the award-winning Flor de Caña rum family, Blanco Reserva 7 complements our premiumisation strategy and continues to position Flor de Caña as a high-quality, slow-aged sipping rum.”

    Bottled at 40%, Flor de Caña Blanco Reserva 7 is described as having a “creamy floral and vanilla” taste.   Blanco Reserva 7 is designed to be consumed neat over ice or with sparkling water and a twist of orange.

     Flor de Caña boosted its super-premium portfolio in November last year with the release of its “crown jewel”, Flore de Caña 25.

      The Flor de Caña portfolio comprises 4 Extra Lite, 4 Extra Seco, 4 Anejo Oro, 5 Anjeo Clasico,  Gran  Reserva 7, Blanco Reserva 7,  Centenario 12, Centenario 18 and Centenario 25.   All of which are fine rums that will work  wonderfully on your table at home.

     If this expression follows in the path of it predecessors, it will be a fun high quality rum to enjoy in premium cocktails as well as being sipped.   ;o)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Visit to Sand Key Light

Early Days of the Tower Construction
     The day was a bit choppy, and the tide was in so none of the sand bars were showing, but the Sand Key Light still stood majestically out there in the ocean.   This is the first opportunity that I have had to see the light up close and personal.   I is awesome to see and understand what it has been through during its lifetime.

    First built as a brick tower in 1827, and it was damaged by a hurricane in 1844, and toppled by the "Great Havana Hurricane of 1846" as the sand on the island was washed away.  The lighthouse keeper wand five others were killed as a result.

Sand Key Light Today

     The lighthouse was reconstructed as a tower with a screw pile foundation, finally completed after several budget problems related to Federal Government issues.  Completed in 1853 and was the first to use a hydraulic lamp and a first became automated in  1938.

    The tower's open construction allowed the light to survive many hurricanes since it's reconstruction.  Though suffering minor damages in several storms, it stood strong until the tower was severely damaged by a fire in 1989.  The tower was reconstructed and put back in operation in 1998.

     This is a great place fore fishing and diving, and just a really cool place to visit and enjoy a day on the boat.  ;o)