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Saturday, January 31, 2015

No Imagination at Home, but Willing to Try new Things at the Pub

     Have you noticed that when you visit friends and or you are at home you pretty much drink the
same things?  It is an interesting thing, friends and myself included, except with me it is just the opposite.  I drink the same thing when I'm out on the town, and experiment at home.  

     I notice that people that come to the Rum Bar are willing to experiment with new ideas regularly.  I find only a few that are really stuck in their ways and don't want to vary from their regular cocktail.   There is an article done about some research recently done in the United Kingdom that verifies this phenomena.   An article in the Spirits Business showed the results.

"Eight out of 10 United Kingdom consumers never or rarely try new alcoholic beverages when drinking outside of their homes, new research has revealed."

     Research shows the majority of British consumers are reluctant to try new alcoholic drinks.  Researchers found 77% of out-of-home drinkers were reluctant to try new products and 32% admitted to sticking to brands they already know and trust.  Reasons given for being hesitant to sample new brands included a lack of awareness of new products on the market (14%) and that there were no new drinks on the market that they liked (21%).
     “With the vast diversity of products available at pubs, bars and clubs, consumers are faced with a myriad of alcoholic beverage options, and in the face of so many new drinks they often stick to tried and tested favorites,” commented Sam Allen, analyst.
     However, more than half of those questioned (56%) who frequently experimented with new drinks said they enjoyed trying new flavors and 33% looked for locally made products.  Seasonal products also proved favorable, with a quarter of consumers keen to try new offerings selecting seasonal beverages.  “Many consumers are becoming bored with traditional flavors, which has resulted in the rapid growth of smaller scale brewing and craft production,” Allen added.  “Limited edition and seasonal options that offer fresh and exciting tastes will encourage more consumers to try products while they have the chance.”

Friday, January 30, 2015

The Thaw from Castro's Point of View.

Fidel Castro
With all of the stories circulating about all of the thaw between Cuba and the United States It is good to finally hear something from the Cuban side of the story.  The Caribbean Journal has just released this story of their opinions.

Just weeks after rumors of the death of Fidel Castro swirled across the Internet, the former Cuban leader has broken his silence with a new message.

In the new message, which was addressed to Cuba’s University Student Federation and released by Cuba’s government, Castro is reported to mark the 70th anniversary since his entry into the University of Havana.

Most notably, Castro weighed in on the recent rapprochement between the United States and Cuba.

“I do not trust the US policy, nor have I exchanged a word with them,” he said. “To defend peace is the duty of everyone. Whatever peaceful and negotiated solution to the problems with the United States and the people, or of any people of Latin America, they should not involve force or the use of force.

Castro said that his brother Raul, the country’s current president, had taken the “appropriate steps according to the prerogatives and powers granted by the National Assembly and the Communist Party of Cuba.”

“The serious dangers that threaten humanity today should give way to rules that are consistent with human dignity,” he wrote. “No country is excluded from such rights.”

“In this spirit I have fought and continue to fight until the last breath,” Castro wrote.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Flor de Cana 25 Year Old Rum: Now at the Rum Bar Key West

     It has been a long wait for Flor de Cana 25 Year to come to the United States and more specifically Florida, but it has arrived and we have it on the shelf at the Rum Bar.  This expression has only been available through Duty Free Shops outside of the United States until now.  I hope to see some of you rum lovers at the Rum Bar this coming week to learn what this fine rum is all about.

    The company is describing Flor de Cana 25 year Old as "our jewel in the crown".  The brand joins the Centenario Collection in receiving a new decanter style bottle that emphasizes the quality, age statement, and the "Tradicion Artesanal" (traditional craftsmanship) of the rum.   The bottle is beautifully with a great shape and heavy glass base.

     According to the label it is "Slow Aged" for 25 years, which is a trademark of Flor de Cana.   It is also a "single Estate Rum" and presented at 80 proof.

     I will do a full review of the rum when I get a chance to taste it Thursday back at work.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Energy Drinks and Alcohol: Not so Good.Together

     I've always had a problem with the mixing of caffeine and sugar laden drinks with alcohol, The logic really doesn't fit .  Alcohol is a depressant and the caffeine and sugar are stimulants.  You really don't want to take your body in two different directions at the same time.  There is an article in Time that helps you understand why this is not a good thing to be doing.

    For years, research has suggested that mixing alcohol and heavily-caffeinated energy drinks could have negative health effects.  Combining the two seems to make you want to drink more and mask signs of inebriation.  The combo's potential negative consequences aren't just a personal risk, but a public health one, suggests a new paper in the journal Advances in Nutrition.


     "When people mix energy drinks with alcohol, people drink more than they would if they had just consumed alcohol, which is associated with a cascade of problems," says paper author Cecile Marczinski, associate professor of psychology at Northern Kentucky University. 

     The increased likelihood of engaging in risky behavior, particularly drunk driving, is chief among the public health concerns, Marczinski says. The caffeine rush in energy drinks makes a drinker look and feel more balanced and coordinated than their drinking would suggest, leading some drinkers to believe they're not actually drunk. In one study Marczinski cited, people who combined energy drinks and alcohol were four times more likely to think they could drive home than their counterparts who drank alcohol alone. The effects of the energy drink may also make it less obvious to police officers that a driver is drunk, making the officer less likely to breathalyze.

     You really need to put some thought into the consumption of these potentially deadly libations.  I really hate to loose some of my readers this way.  ;o)


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Rum Rebellion of 1808

     On January 26, 1808 there was the one and only military coup in Australia against the Governor who had attempted to control the sale of liquor.  Known as the "Rum Rebellion", it was a feud between the military and the Governor to control the sale of liquor in Australia.

     The “Rum Rebellion” in fact had many causes but it was Governor William Bligh’s attempt to stop the essentially illegal rum trade that was controlled by the local militia that proved the final straw.   In fairness to Bligh, he was merely carrying out orders from the Colonial Office which wanted to normalize trading in the colony which had been formally founded just 20 years before.  
     Yet Bligh, already infamous the inciting a mutiny on his ship The Bounty, was an abrasive character in his own right. On his trip to Australia to take over as governor he had chafed at command of the convoy being given to a junior naval officer, Captain Joseph Short, and so willfully disobeyed his orders (which led to Short firing a literal shot across his bows) before finally arresting Short and taking over the little convoy himself.
     His attitude in Australia did not endear him to many.   He arrived in Sydney in 1807 and his dictatorial manner made him powerful enemies.  He dismissed important men from their positions for no reason, he stopped giving land grants to the powerful – and gave them to himself instead, he evicted the poor and appropriated their land, he imprisoned those who wrote to complain and then he tried to stop the New South Wales Corps’ rum trade which made its members and local businessmen large profits.
     Matters when he came to a head when Bligh clashed with the irascible John MacArthur, a part-time officer in the Corps and burgeoning wool tycoon with considerable interests in the rum trade.   A disagreement over landing regulations led to MacArthur’s arrest. He was bailed on 25 January and the next day, under threat of arrest, he and supporters from the Corps and other prominent colonists marched against Bligh when he accused them of treasonous actions.  Marching to Government House with colors flying and band playing, Bligh was found hiding under the bed.  A rebel government was established in which MacArthur played a key part.
     After a period of house arrest Bligh was sent back to Britain, though he unsuccessfully tried to get help from the lieutenant-governor of Tasmania to help reinstate him on his way back.
William Bligh never seemed to be able to get the respect that he should, but when it comes to controlling the availability of liquor to the people, you don't want to say NO!  ;o)

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Hybrid Pot Still Built Before You in 2 Minutes

     The assembley of a still in just 2 minutes.  See it at

     The still is the basis for all of the spirits that make up the rum category.  The video above is a really good chance to se what they are and how they are put together.

     Built in the Vendome Copper and Brass Works in Louisville, Kentucky, the 1,700-pound hybrid pot still features a reflux onion, optional gin basket, and attached columns with bubble cap trays.

     This still was installed next to existing whiskey still Mary, named after George’s wife and mother to the Bowman brothers.  The new 24-foot installed at the Smith Bowman Distillery, still has specific features chosen by master distiller Brian Prewitt to allow him to create unique new expressions.   Prewitt said: “We want to have the capability to try anything and everything, and with George, we should be able to do just that.”

     This video give those of you that have not been around stills at all a chance to see what they look like and how they go together in the distillery.  This particular hybrid pot still will work very well for development of new expressions because of the abilities of the still to combine the characteristics of both pot and column stills.

     Hope that you found this as interesting as I did.  You don't often get to see one of these stills being assembled in front of you and in 2 minutes.  ;o)


Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Cool of Key West Winter Evenings

     Winter in Key West is marked by short days and chilly evenings.  The blues of winter can be just as exciting and the bright colors of summer.  I just enjoy watching the day turn into evening even in the winter.  I love having the foliage still on the trees as well, the bare sticks in the north for me can be a bit depressing and colorless.  ;o)